Efinovia Europe | Speb
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Design and Remodeling of buildings :


  • Walls, floors, roofs, doors and windows efficiently insulated
  • Building thermal inertia consideration
  • Material choices, depending on climatic conditions (sunlight, dampness, temperature)
  • Air tightness and natural air quality mastery
  • Thermal bridge rupture, whole building-shell insulation continuity

Energy Production and Storage :


  •  Integrated in-roof solar panel for thermal and electricity production
  • Efficient heating and cooling technologies
  • Triple storage sources for energy autonomy and peak consumption
  • Energy production exceeds domestic consumption
  • Energy production for electric vehicle charging


Home Energy Management System :


  • Lifestyle home and comfort
  • Efficient heating and cooling
  • Air tightness and natural air quality sensors
  • Security and equipment remote control
  • Energy management for saving and production
  • Electric vehicle charging remote

Energy Networking :


  • Charging stations for electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Grid electricity supply during peak hours.


Energy and financial savings :


  • Energy saving with long-term guaranty
  • Water saving
  • Petrol saving, in case of electric or hybrid vehicle using
  • Household Equipment saving, thanks to maintenance services
  • Annual gain of between € 200-400 on average per household per year